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This field involves acquisition and analysis of images relevant to medicine and biotechnology, such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computed tomography), ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and optical microscopy. These modalities generate a wealth of information that must be distilled, presented and communicated in an efficient and timely manner. Statistical counting noise and systematic biases are always present and hinder the extraction of information from the signals. Challenges exist in image display and filtering, feature detection, pattern recognition, and in the interchange, manipulation, compression, short-term storage, and archiving of the images. Recent technical advances in this field include interchange standards such as DICOM, lossy and lossless compression standards, teleradiology, and Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS). A new tool for the radiologist is Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) in which computer analysis provides the equivalent of a "second reader" of the image, pointing out areas suspect for disease.

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Adler, Andy (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Aitken, Victor (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Banihashemi, Amir (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Cheetham, Jim (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Cuhadar, Aysegul (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Dansereau, Richard (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Dubois, Eric (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Frize, Monique (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Goubran, Rafik (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Johns, Paul (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Joslin, Chris (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Laganiere, Robert (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Lang, Jochen (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Lee, WonSook (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
MacEachern, Leonard (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Mahmoud, Samy (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Ono, Yuu (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Paquet, Eric (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Payeur, Pierre (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Tsai, Eve (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>
Zhao, Jiying (department,'Carleton')?'CU':'UO'; ?>) email; ?>

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